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(P)ersonalized (U)niform (R)esource (L)ocator - PURL PURLWhat is a PURL? - A PURL is a Personalized web-site (PURL) that is customized to the person visiting the web site. When the you logon to your personalized PURL, the information from our database is used to tailor the web page experience directly for you. Moreover, once you login, your can customize your PURL to fit your needs. Included in your free PURL is local news and weather, you can add your property listings and optimize them on the major search engines (SEO or Search Engine Optimization) for higher search rankings (i.e. Google, MSN and Yahoo), list your Open House showings, have access to RSS Real Estate feeds to keep you up-to-date on real estate trends, and much more. PURL - My Inventory PageThe personalized URL is included with your 9ae subscription. It is a customized page that allows you access to important real estate and general news, community information, and 9ae. There is also a specialized area for entering your listing inventory, open houses and personal information for posting on major search engines. Your personalized URL automatically creates webpages for your listings, open houses and profile to direct major search engines to your information and ultimately help consumers find your site.