Real Estate Agent Software Features

The Marketing tool has been developed to allow you, as a real estate professional, to establish user-defined marketing that will automatically maintain email contact with prospective buyers and sellers throughout the weeks that follow their initial contact. is working hard to make sure your name and contact details remain in front of the people who will be your business tomorrow!

Marketing Letters

Marketing has the tools to automate your email delivery of custom letters. The marketing area contains a letter library with hundreds of specially designed letters for print or email use, and custom letters can be created as with’s letter editor.




Email Marketing Campaigns

Marketing’s automatic marketing campaigns allow you to turn on an automatic email drip campaign for a contact with the click of a button. Specially designed email letters are sent out automatically weekly, monthly, or yearly to keep your name in front of the contact. There are a variety of drip campaigns already set up or customize your own marketing plan.



Property Marketing FlyersProperty Marketing Flyers

You have access to Property Marketing Flyers from your PURL. You can use the Property Marketing Flyers to advertise current listings or market to prospective clients through the mail or at Open Houses. The pre-designed templates make creating professional marketing pieces simple.




Lead TrackingLead Tracking

Prospect data is either entered directly into or imported easily through the Contact Import Wizard. The basic contact profile contains the prospect’s contact information, as well as details on the source of the contact.




Lead Incubation Contacts Area

The “Tickler” is our lead management follow-up tool in 9ae. It acts as a to-do list or reminder of the contacts that need follow up action. Through the contacts area, you can view your contacts, set automatic reminders to follow-up with a contact, enter call notes for a record of communication, and utilize advanced marketing tools.