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About Taro Systems, Inc.

About Taro Systems

Taro Systems, Inc. is not just about real estate software. We are about real estate software solutions. A piece of which is our award winning real estate software package Pro Gold i2.

Over twenty five (25) years of operation in the real estate industry has shown us that people are the single most important component to making a real estate company exist. How these agents, buyers, and sellers are guided through buying and selling is the true value that real estate companies possess.

Many years ago, real estate companies shifted to the provision of internal service only. This primary shift has resulted in an ever-decreasing company dollar amount. No company or industry can survive or continue to support such a downturn. However, statistically, the real estate industry should be every bit as strong as it was 20 years ago - so why isn't it?

We ask: How can real estate companies improve service to their people?

Over twenty years of operation has afforded us the knowledge needed to develop unique and dynamic solutions to this industry-wide problem. The proof of our dedication can be found in the successes of our clients - real estate companies of all sizes - including some of the largest in the industry.

Taro is technology aligned with relationships, providing outstanding customer service to the people that count - the customers!

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