Real Estate Agent Software Benefits (Agent Edition) Benefits Features (Agent Edition) is an advanced web based application developed by Taro Systems, Inc., to provide the professional real estate agent with state-of-the-art internet visibility, seller communication and email marketing communication tools to increase personal wealth. This unique marketing solution allows for the effective flow of critical information between the top internet search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), Property Owner selling their property, you the agent, your office, Co-op Agents showing your property, and your Prospects. can alleviate the seller’s greatest complaint...lack of communication.

Sales associates understand the value of timely communication. Unfortunately, other issues often "get in the way" of the time required to prepare progress reports, showing feedback reports, etc. for their sellers.

In fact, most sales associates spend upwards of $500 each year on software tools designed to promote timely communication and manage contacts and listings. However, most find that the real estate software tools they continue to use do not meet their needs of timely communication.

The sales associate module of allows for an integrated approach to contact and listing management, providing a more complete and more up to date system that is accessible by the sellers.

This real estate software module will provide the agent the ability to manage and view:

  • Internet presence on Google, Yahoo and Bing
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  • Lead Management
  • Company Contacts
  • Personal Contacts
  • Listing Activity
  • Marketing Functions
  • Appointment Management
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week online access
  • Open House & Showings Management
  • Automated Showing Feedback for your Sellers

In many cases, sales associates have the added ability to send company and/or personal leads to the Customer Service Coordinator for long-term follow-up, thus allowing the sales associate more time to prospect and to deal with more qualified leads.

Seller Benefits

By far the number one complaint that a seller has regarding the real estate company and their sales associate is a lack in communication. Due to numerous reasons, sales associates are unable to process timely feedback to their sellers regarding the sale of their property, and during such a trying transaction, this limited communication often has the seller questioning the value of their sales associate. helps prevent this communication void by allowing sellers to retrieve timely information regarding the sale of their property - anytime, anywhere, online! also allows sellers to communicate online with their sales associate and the real estate company, view market statistics, request a face to face appointment with their sales associate, and even request a price evaluation!

The Seller Module will provide the seller the ability to:

  • View activity on their listing
  • Review showing feedback results
  • Email the listing agent
  • Email the real estate office
  • Request an appointment
  • Request a listing price evaluation
  • View market conditions

All the information is presented to the seller via a secure login procedure.